BG95 QuecOpen questions

Hi, I need info about:

  • RAM max size ( linker )
  • ROM max size ( app filesize )
  • MMU enabled?
  • qapi_QT_SIM_RDY_Check( &status ) enumeration?

Thanks !

Hi wizlo ,

BG95 intergrate 64MBytes NAND + 32MBytes DDR2

For open solution user , the available ROM and RAM is listed as below:

MMU is enabled .

Yeah , the return of qapi_QT_SIM_RDY_Check( &status ) is enumeration .

for more question , pls send email to

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Thanks Stephen,

I’m waiting for a shipment from Quectel - modules and TE-A board … for hardware tests
Then I will collect more questions and write you

I found - function follow +CPIN results

welcome !

you are very genius and professional developer 。

I look forward to discussing with you via email or e-service

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