BG95 QuecOpen - qapi_QT_Real_Time_Clock_Get Timeline - Resolved

Is there a timeline for implementing qapi_QT_Real_Time_Clock_Get? Or, is there another function available to obtain the real time from the module that I’m not seeing?

Calling it currently returns QAPI_QT_ERR_API_NOT_SUPPORT.

Nevermind… I found the time example and the qapi_time_get() method that does return the current RTC.

Not sure why there’s an RTC example and a time example, but I’ve got a way to get the clock and that’s what I needed.

Hi @SeanMollet
Could you post your code I am working with BG96 and RTC and Timer without problems, maybe I can find some error in your code

best regards.

Hi seanmollet ,

pls use qapi_time_get() ,

There is a little bug with the API of qapi_QT_Real_Time_Clock_Get(), we will fix it in the newest fw version ,

thanks for your understanding

I’m getting some weird issues with the time from qapi_time_get()
Sometimes it seems to move very fast and it stops synchronizing with the time from LTE.