BG95 QuecOpen Power Save Mode example

Hi everybody,

I’m evaluating BG95-M3 module using QuecOpen framework.
I have surfed around examples provided in SDK folder but I didn’t find anything about PSM or how to have low power/sleep operation.

Is there any example about it?
power save mode requires an external MCU and is not supported in QuecOpen?

In general, is there any example to have “low power mode” in QuecOpen without necessity of an external MCU (module BG95 could wake up for example from a timer expiration, from an interrupt pin or from an incoming SMS/data).


for BG95 PSM , the Open solution (API)is not ready now , but you can control module enter PSM with ATC_PIPE( send AT via API in module) .

for ATC_pipe example , you can find it in sdk

for PSM related doc ,

Quectel_BG95&BG77&BG600L_Series_PSM_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (467.7 KB)

Thank you @Stephen.Li-Q,

Can you please confirm that PSM mode can be used even if LTE-M or GPRS is deployed?

In practice what I would like to do is to put module in very low current consumption for a specific time period (e.g. 1 hour); then module wakes up and it can do its operation (read ADC, read I2C external device) then go back to sleep.

Do you think it is feasible in QuecOpen without need of external MCU?


Hi @davdav and @Stephen.Li-Q

I have the same question as above. Now that the QuecOpen SDK has reached version V1.1.7 I am wondering if there is a method for putting my device into a low power state on a timer or interrupt without the need for an external MCU?

It appears to not be documented and there are limited mentions of a ‘deep sleep’ or ‘low power’ mode/api calls in the documentation available.