BG95 Quecopen MQTT callbacks not called

On BG95 I am having an issue where the MQTT publish callback is being called and the topic data is available on the broker. However the subscribe and message call backs are not being called.
Both the functions to set these call backs return QAPI_OK. Also the API to subscribe to topics returns QAPI_OK.
On observing the NET_STA LED on the dev kit, I observe fast activity when I publish something from my PC to the topic that the module is subscribing to. This indicates the broker is sending the packet to the server, but the callbacks never get called.
to test if all my other settings are working, I tried the same set up with AT commands and things are working as needed, I receive the topics I subscribe to.
Any idea why the callbacks wont get called?

Hi Samuel ,

do you means that , the below function is not available in your side ?

qapi_Net_MQTT_Set_Subscribe_Callback(app_mqttcli_ctx, mqtt_cli_subscribe_callback);

it should be work , to resolve your issue

  1. pls check your publsh and subcribe with mqttfx tools on your PC first

    pls kindly download mqttfx tools from the below ,link :

  1. if it work fine , subcribe it with your module and send the Qwinlog to us , we can check what step block you

for Qwinlog pls kindly download from the below link :slight_smile:

and then send to log to us :