BG95 Power Consumption

Hi Everyone

has anyone have a reliable way to reproduce the sleep current consumption ? as in the BG95 power consumption report (Rev.BG95_Power_Consumption_Report_V1.0 Date: 2020-02-14)

I can measure the PSM power consumption which is close to the state, but for sleep mode (AT+QSCLK=1 + DTR pin), I can’t seems to get close to 1mA, I am getting about 20mA, which is quite far off, but before sleep, it was about 30mA, so the sleep mode is triggered.

however, I have a feeling that it is only turning off some other subsystem in the BG95, but the modem did not go into I-DRX idle etc…

any idea on exactly how to reproduce the sleep mode power scenario ?


anyone has luck on this?
I am able to get 1mA some times, but sometimes not (back at 20mA)

I notice that if the idle current draw of BG95 is at 30mA, and I put it to sleep, it will be 20mA
but if idle current draw at 20mA, it will sleep to 1mA.
so something is happening between the two different idle current draw state.

any idea?

I also fail. I have a UG96 module. Current consumption in slip mode 20-25mA. I can’t reduce it. SIM800L in the same network consumes 1mA max.