Bg95 power consumption test

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has anyone have a reliable way to reproduce the sleep current consumption ? as in the BG95 power consumption report (Rev.BG95_Power_Consumption_Report_V1.0 Date: 2020-02-14)

I can measure the PSM power consumption which is close to the state, but for sleep mode (AT+QSCLK=1 + DTR pin), I can’t seems to get close to 1mA, I am getting about 20mA, which is quite far off, but before sleep, it was about 30mA, so the sleep mode is triggered.

however, I have a feeling that it is only turning off some other subsystem in the BG95, but the modem did not go into I-DRX idle etc…

any idea on exactly how to reproduce the sleep mode power scenario ?


It is not correct value , if you use BG95 EVB directly ,Because many peripheral circuit are consuming power, You need to modify EVB first 。

For the detail ,pls kindly open the below link;

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Hi Stephen, I am not using EVB to test
I’ve already built my own board. with BG95 and my own MCU.
right now I am able to isolate various power usage,
so from my test method,
I can turn off each major component one by one and major the actual battery output power into the board.

when I have BG95 off (turn it off via at command, or power pin, controlled via MCU). I can get current down to 9mA, which is the amount my MCU consumes.

if I have BG95 on, power is about 40mA, so BG95 uses about 30mA,

if I have BG95 goes into PSM (validated view the BG95 uart port output URC to my mcu), power goes down to about 9mA too, that means the BG95 PSM is working as expected,

if I try to set BG95 to sleep mode, right now, it goes from 40mA to 30mA (if I minus my MCU, then it takes about 30 -> 20mA before and after sleep mode - using qsclk and dtr)

if I set my MCU to sleep, but do not turn off BG95, it continue to draw about 20-30mA.

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Hi Justin,

I’m using Arduino + dragino NB-Iot shield that have a BG96 go along with it. The interesting is BG96 can be taken out like this picture (i will attach the web link).
Could you show me the way or a schematic that you use to build your testboard to validate power consumption?.
I gratefully thank you for your help.

Hi Stephen,

Attachment has shown measurements in real time for CAT M1 and CAT NB1 test cases. Real time measurements are average, max current and total energy spent to transmit TCP200B to MNO with different test cases. What is meaning for TCP200B?
This is very critical to understand me, as I doing power consumption calculation with non-chargeable battery.