BG95 ordering codes

I am looking for the right BG95-Series modem for my application. But I can’t find any ordering information.
Could someone please tell me the difference between these models :

  • BG95M3LA-64-SGNS
  • BG95M3LB-64-SGNS
  • BG95M3LAR-64-SGNS

Many thanks,

BG95M3LA → LA means data only;
BG95M3LB → Support VoLTE
BG95M3LAR → just similar with LA but use different PA.

BG95M3LATEA-64-SGNS //TE-A board;
BG95M3LA-64-SGNS // if NO TEA means only module;

we suggest to use BG95M3LA-64-SGNS if you dont need volte feature.

Many thanks ! Have a nice day.

Hi Linkin,
Just another quick question. What is a TE-A board ? Are those compatible with the UMTS & LTE EVB Kit ?

Hi @david_bl

Yes, you are right, TE-A always compatible with UMTS&LTE EVB kit.

Ok, thank you for your replies !