BG95-MF compiled programs don't run

I have the BG95-MF and want to try out a simple example program, where I just print back any string I recieve over UART.

Compiling (with QuecOpen SDK) works and I get a “oem_app_path.ini” and the .bin file. I upload them to the board (via QPST EFS Explorer into the datax folder in alternateFS), and reboot it, but the program doesn’t execute the program. Other than that the bootup process seems to work normaly, looking at the UART debug-logs.

I have an older version of the “.ini” and the “.bin” file and if I upload them it works…

Has anyone had that problem before, or knows a fix? Maybe there is a newer SDK version or smth…

QuecOpen SDK version: 2.0.3

Ok got it fixed.

Solution was to use another (newer) SDK version. Now programs that I compile do execute on the chip.