BG95-M6 Latest firmware version?

What is latest version Firmware for BG95-M6 and where can I download it?

latest firmware:

link destination does not work … “server not found” could you please post again?

Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at

If that address is correct, here are three other things you can try:

Try again later.
Check your network connection.
If you are connected but behind a firewall, check that Firefox has permission to access the Web.

The firmware file has been sent to your email, please check, thank you

Could you please send this to me as well. I’m having some challenges updating both BG96 and BG95-M modules. So far, can’t find a hosted location that doesn’t cause module errors (which is also secure and below 255 characters).

However, at the end of the day … so far none of my modules update.

It has been sent to your e-mail, please check

Thank you! I have it and appreciate you sending.

hi herbert Could you please send this to me as well…

Please download,thank you!