BG95-M6 FW Upgrade from V7 to V9 procedure fails ... why?

I have built BG95-M6 module into my application custom PCB and can communicate OK with it using USB Modem Port. DM Port and NMEA Ports also appear in Device Manager OK. :slight_smile:

The Firmware Version I read from the device is “BG95M6LAR02A07A” which I believe is “V7”.

I obtained from FAE what I believed was the latest FW for BG95-M6 which is “BG95M6LAR02A02_01.009.01.009”.

I am using a Windows 11 PC for the upgrade.
The V7 to V9 upgrade fails when using the procedure in the Guide :frowning:

I am using QFlash V6.6 and guided by Quectel_QFlash_User_Guide_V5.0.pdf.

In the Guide page 54 of 75 only .elf file is to be loaded to the module.
But there are 5 files in the firehose folder:

LIst of 5 files in C:\BG95M6LAR02A02_01.009.01.009\dam\update\firehose\

partition.mbn :: 716B
partition_nand.xml :: 7.47KB
patch_p2K_b128K.xml :: 746B
prog_firehose_nand_mdm9x05.elf :: 439.52KB
rawprogram_nand_p2K_b128K.xml :: 8.86KB

Does the upgrade process load ALL 5 FILES into the BG95-M6, or just the “.elf” file?

In the User Guide page 49 of 75, the required USB BAUD RATE is 460,800. On my PC Device Manager, the maximum possible USB bps in the dropdown selector is 115200. So I cannot set 460800 as the Guide states. What BPS value do I use? It seems I can only select 115200. Will that work?

Can I upgrade the device from V7 to V9 WITHOUT ever having V8 FW installed?

After I set 115200bps and click “Load FW files” button, I see that the .elf and the 2 .xml files have loaded into Qflash table automatically - so a total of ONLY 3 FILES looks like will be loaded. Why is that?

Then I press Start button and there is activity on screen.
Device Manager changes so the previous Modem, DM and NMEA Ports all disappear and a new Port “Quectel QDLoader 9008” appears… but then a RED MESSAGE APPEARS: “FAIL! Confirm dynamic com port XX timeout!” after about 70 seconds activity.

What am I doing wrong and what is causing the failure?

Hello @Ianr3

Try to upgrade it on Windows 10, is more stable for Quectel tools and drivers.

@herbert.pan-Q and other moderators can help you with others questions that you have it.

Have a great evening :slight_smile:

Thank you ShortyPTG for your suggestion …

Success with Win 10 PC !! Yay!

I copied the complete QFLASHV6.6 folder and complete V9 upgrade folder “BG95M6LAR02A02_01.009.01.009” to the root of my Windows 10 PC.
BUT I also entered 460800 as the port speed in the QFlash Start panel.

Lo and behold, after 60 seconds it worked OK. :slight_smile:
So I compared the Version Queries BEFORE and After the upgrade:

Before upgrade:
(Using M2M Support Tool…Download AT Command Tester for Quectel Modules |

Successfull response for AT query…



Revision : BG95M6LAR02A07A

After upgrade:




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I would appreciate answers to my 4 QUESTIONS above please Quectel Engineers.

@Ianr3 Good Morning,

About your questions, after reading again Quectel literature, the premises are:

  • That you use Quectel Hardware evaluation and deployment kit.
  • That you use Quectel Software provided from Quectel.

With Quectel tools on Windows 10, you can change baud rates with some easy.

But is always better to have an answer from the Engineer’s team…

To be honest, I was confident of setting up my prototype with dead-bug soldering BG95 (flip over the device, solder kynar wire direct to BG95 pins) to my own PCB so I really didn’t want or need to use the evaluation kit distractions…my requirements are fairly narrow… and sooner or later the FW upgrade will have to be applied in manufacturing to the custom PCB context so there’s always a limit to the eval kit testing… eventually all of us have to leave the eval kit behind. So far I have been happy and impressed with the engineering support under an NDA.

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I do understand your thoughts, but I am just an End-user of Quectel product (EP06-E), that tried to help you with the little that I know.
I can just recommend you to establish a communication to the forum members, or, the following emails: and - but in the last case you can contact Mr. Lyman Li that is Field Application Engineer, Hefei, China and I know for sure that will be “piece of cake” for him to help you.
Have a great evening :slight_smile: and Is a pleasure for me to try to help you.