BG95-M5 USB Firmware Upgrade

I am trying to use the QFlsah tool with my hardware which has a Quectel BG95-M5. When I plug the USB cable into my device, Windows Device Manager (Windows 10) keeps refreshing about once every 30 seconds. I have attemped with and without the USB_BOOT jumper. The same results occur. A driver loads for the COM port. I have check VDD_EXT and it’s 1.8V. I have also checked power into the device which is 3.8 Volts. The device is still connected to the TTL COM port of my microcontroller but my microcontroller is not using this port while I’m using the tool. I do not have the GNSS ports connected to anything at all. VUSB_DET is 5.0 volts like I expect.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? The board works fine through the UART. Our device is already certified with Verizon and we have about 1000 in the field. The FOTA upgrade worked during compliance testing so I suppose I can pursue that method if I can’t get the USB method to work. I’m trying to verify the new version that we’re about to receive if we approve which is BG95M5LAR02A03_01.007.01.007.



Sorry for later response!

Would you mind share the schematic for us about your device?
And DFOTA is a good choice when USB not working. if you need deltas we can share it for u.
BTW, the current fw version is BG95M5LAR02A03_01.007.01.007?

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