Bg95-m5 slow SFTP in ECM mode + latest firmware

We’re using the BG95-M5 in ECM mode on a debian based system with firmware version BG95M5LAR02A03_01.005.01.005.
However we are experiencing very slow (1KB/s) download speeds with lftp and pget -n 5 on LTE-M with excellent coverage and a theoretical max speed of 25KB/s.
Looking at packets being send we see an intermittent pattern with small bursts of packets after which there is a delay of several seconds before another burst is send.
For our normal use this is of no problem however when updating our software we need to send larger files (2~5MB).
Any thoughts about where this issue might be coming from?

Additionally, is this still the latest firmware and is there a subscription list to receive updates about the firmware?

Dear Jvdpoll

two point:

  1. ECM is not used offen ,So pls do a comparision test between PPP mode and ECM mode
    for how to use PPP mode , pls check the below link

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  1. Based you said the coverage of CATM is good , except RSRP , pls check the SNR value also

Sinr should be >0 ( SINR = (X * 2 - 200)/10 , X= real response value of at+qcsq )