BG95-M5 roaming in ECM mode belgium

Currently developing a control unit with a debian based SOM and the BG95-M5 internally connected by USB.
The module is running in ECM mode and is recognized correctly by the software.
All functions are also working in the Netherlands on the home network with one exception that the DHCP lease does not get renewed automaticly which is probably an issue with the dhclient on debian.
However, when using the device during roaming in Belgium the connection to the server times out.
This while the device does show its connected to the prefered operator and an IP shows up as well.
When looking in the management portal of the SIM provider it also shows up als connected with no issue’s.

I’m at a loss, also because running AT+QHTTPURL on older firmware without ECM mode does work even when roaming.

Revision: BG95M5LAR02A03

Hi Jvdpoll,
firstly, both home and roaming network are works fine, so we can exclude SIM card issue preliminary. have you tried current fw without ECM mode if works? and could you share more details on firmware version by command AT+QGMR. if possible, we pleased to receive some logs about server timeout.

Firmware being used is BG95M5LAR02A03_01.005.01.005.
In the meantime we tried AT+QHTTPURL/AT+QHTTPGET on this firmware in both rmnet and ecm mode and this works as intended. Our server responds with the correct messages and no timeouts occur when we setup the APN correctly.
The only problem that thus remains is when using the enx interface that is created in debian we cannot contact the server when roaming.
We tried this using the exact same URL using a curl command specifying the interface; curl --interface enx00a0c619d450
This command does work as intented when on our home network.