BG95 M5 Module Epoch time converter API or functionality of "time.h" lib. not working

I am want to convert time structure Data like Date and time to epoch converter function.
I try below case
· Use “time.h” lib default function mktime () function
But in that it is not working in that stuck code and after few seconds it crash. After that i need to remove code using entering in boot mode and then and then I am able to load new code.

Hi Shreyans_Shah,

Another FAE asked the same question through other channels, the below is the response from R&D ,hoping it is helpful to you

“it seems this function is not support in ThreadX system from local test, you can use time relevant QAPI.”

Hi ,
Thank you for replay
I am not found any api for this if you l know then tell me.

pls search qt_get_real_time() and try it