BG95-M5 DFOTA upgrade file


We use BG95-M5 modules in our product.
How could we get DFOTA file for delta upgrade from BG95M5LAR02A03_01.006.01.006 to BG95M5LAR02A03_01.200.01.200?


If you need DFOTA, you can contact QUECTEL FAE in your location to apply for the upgrade package. If you can upgrade the firmware locally, I can send the corresponding upgrade package to you.

Thank you for a quick reply.
The Quectel FAE is on sick leave and we have no response for more than 2 weeks.
The commercial devices are sealed. We could only upgrade FW on a modem by only (D)FOTA.

I hoped that posting message here could help us to get in touch with some other FAE.

Hi lex,
I can try to help you apply. You need to provide the name of your company, the number of product upgrades, the purpose of Delta Firmware Package, the current version and the target version.


Yes, sure. Could we do it in the private discussion? (via email)

Of course. My email address is below. You can send it to me by email.