BG95-M4 PPP-AT interfaces

I am currently working with the BG95-M4. I have followed the steps mentioned in the document Quectel_LTE&5G_Linux_USB_Driver_User_Guide_V2.0 to establish a PPP data connection. I have encountered an issue where I only have three interfaces available: USB0, USB1, and USB2. However, it is mentioned that I should have four interfaces, with ttyUSB2 used for AT command communication and ttyUSB3 used for PPP connection.

The PPP connection is working on USB2, but I am unable to monitor my connection using AT commands simultaneously: :

microcom /dev/ttyUSB2 -t 10000
microcom: can’t create ‘/var/lock/LCK…ttyUSB2’: File exists

Could you please advise on how to resolve this issue? Thank you.

Hi @hmaied

Have you designed main UART port? you can send command via this port as well.