BG95-M3 Xtra Download Failure

Module is connected to China Mobile GSM1800 in Hong Kong
+QNWINFO: “EDGE”,“45412”,“GSM 1800”,874

Module is using Hologram SIM and APN enabled
+CREG: 0,5
+QIACT: 1,1,1,“”

However Xtra download failed. Any possible reasons?

Upon re-trying, it seems download is successful after an initial GPS fix is achieved. If there is no previous fix, download will fail.
Is this how Xtra works?

Well it actually does not depend on previous fix. It is just I never can download Xtra for GPS+BEIDOU.

I can download Xtra for GPS+GLONASS or GPS+GALILEO without issues.

It is good to know why download for GPS+BEIDOU is unavailable. I am from Hong Kong and it seems odd to me.

1.pls send the below cmd to check the configuration ,



normally , there is no difference between GPS+GLONASS and GPS+Beidou)

you can try the download server link on your PC first

Automatic download is ok for only Glonass or Galileo but not Beidou. I have tested multiple times. However I am able to manually download Beidou and inject into module successfully.

That is strange why automatic download is not successful for Beidou. I have tried trigger the download by AT command or by turning on GNSS. The download process can be triggered but the result is always +QGPSURC: “XTRA_DL”,-1

Appreciate if you can suggest any other reasons.

Hello Stephen,

I am reading the application note of another module supplier deploying the same Qualcomm chipset and uses Xtra service.

It has stated the prerequisites to use Xtra:
since qualcomm gnss assistance service requires a valid position before assistance data is downloaded, a fix must have been collected by the modem before using qualcomm service.

So this means my finding a few days ago was correct. I failed to download initially because I did not get a fix. Once that was done download was ok except GP+BD was never successful.

Could you please confirm this prerequisite also applies to Quectel module?

oH , Pls send one independent email to:, I will submit one ticket to R&D to double check this fix ,

thanks for your undersatnding

Hello Stephen,
I may have more problems with Xtra and would like to combine all the questions. I am afraid I found unusual behaviour with BG95M3LAR02A03_01.009.01.009 if Xtra is disabled. Could you provide me the old FW BG95M3LAR02A03_01.005.01.005 to retest?
Thank you.

pls download from the below link :slight_smile:

A quick follow up: Quectel has confirmed the download failure of Xtra file for Beidou. A beta firmware has been released to fix this issue. Strange that this problem has not been noticed in the very beginning.

Hi @hobby_a/@Stephen.Li-Q

I am wondering if we are looking at the same issue?

Could you describe the issue you found when disabling Xtra?

I am also in the process of troubleshooting an issue when doing the following with Xtra disabled. Have been experimenting with QGPSDEL with mixed results.


  1. Enable GPS
  2. Get a fix from AT+QGPSLOC (~110Seconds)
  3. Power down module, wait 3 minutes, wake up module,
  4. Enable GPS
  5. Do another fix (19seconds)(!)
  6. Power down module again, wait 30 minutes, wake up module again
  7. Enable GPS
  8. Attempt a fix (Will not have a fix after 150seconds- can wait up to 5minutes and no fix will occur).

Will be good to know if we are looking at the same or similiar issue.

Using firmware: BG95M2LAR02A04_01.005.01.005

With Xtra disabled, BG95M3 did perform inconsistently. The fix time for each cold start could differ by significant amount.

It seems to me its acquisition is quite bad. Unlike other GNSS module which searches different constellations at the same time, it seems to look for GPS first before looking for other constellation. I have compared it with uBlox M8N and BG95M3 was really bad without Xtra.

However Xtra makes a big difference and I strongly recommend you to re-test with Xtra.

Forgot to mention: you will need to upgrade to at least 006 before using Xtra.