BG95-M3 USIM not Powering ON

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I’m developing my dissertation with a BG95-M3 modem. I’m trying to perform network registration but did not succeed because the SIM gets errors “(U)SIM failure” and “(U)SIM not inserted”. Then I noticed that the USIM slot was just powered ON for a few seconds when the modem is turning ON, then just goes to 0v. I believe the schematic is fine (image attached). I use just 6 pins and the (U)SIM Card Detection is disabled. So, there is some command to turn on the USIM slot, to start receiving power?

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pls confrim the voltage of sim is 3.3 v or 1.8v , for bg95 ,we support 1.8v


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The card slot may be in poor contact, whether the line welding is abnormal, and whether the package of the card base is correct

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