[BG95-M3] USB issue, work only the RS232

Hi All,

I used the UMTS & LTE-EVB-KIT development kit with the BG96 module.
Now I have replaced the BG96 development module with a new BG95M3-LATEA module.

The module work, it turns on and responds correctly if queried through the “main” RS232 serial port.
The issue it’s on the USB connection. The PC with windows 10 doesn’t even notice that the BG95M3 module is connected and doesn’t detect any USB connection.

I have done various tests. I’ve removed and reinstalling different drivers, but checking the USB devices list, there insn’t any new device.

I checked on this forum BG95-m3-boots-but-does-not-communicate-over-usb and managed to update the firmware (asked the local distributor) through “emergency boot” with shorting the jumper on J201 (VDD_EXT to BOOT_PIN).

After restarting the module, the firmware it’s was upgraded, (BG95M3LAR02A03_01.006.01.006) but the USB still does not work.

What’s wrong?


Hi Massimo,

Did you check if the GNSS USART TX Pin is floating? This pin is a boot too, and if it is high, something simmilar what you said could happen…

Dear Airton.
Thanks for your reply.
I’ve just check voltage on GNSS_TX and GND on the piggyback of BG95.
The voltage before PWRKEY is only 20 mV, and go down to zero when boot of bg95 happen.
However, I am confused about this kind of problems in the development kit.

Thank you!