BG95-M3 Tower cell ids

I am trying to get the mcc, mnc, etc. from neighbor cells in nb-iot, but QENG only provides rssi and similars. How do I get the id of other towers?

pls try the below at cmd

If you registered on CATM network
pls send AT+QCELLSCAN=8

if you registered on NB network ,
pls send AT+QCELLSCAN=9


[2021-01-25_19:05:57:296]+QCELLSCAN: 2

[2021-01-25_19:05:57:296]+QCELLSCAN: “NBIoT”,460,00,4C10,3688,121,5C4EF33,-80,-10,0

[2021-01-25_19:05:57:296]+QCELLSCAN: “NBIoT”,460,00,4C10,3686,473,84958B4,-85,-14,-