[BG95-M3] Timer T3245 - erase "forbidden PLMN list"

using: BG95-M5
Revision: BG95M5LAR02A06A

I do have the question if the the Timer T3245 is implemented in the stack or how to activate it.

Expectation was, that the device will clear FPLMN after 24h to 48hrs and is able to get connected.

Timer T3245 is defined in 3GPP TS 24.008 V10.x onwards (chapter []: When the MS adds a PLMN identity to the “forbidden PLMN list” …the MS shall start timer T3245 with a random value, uniformly drawn from the range between 24h and 48h. Upon expiry of the timer T3245, the MS shall erase the “forbidden PLMN list” … )

Test setup we did:

  • we do have access to 2 MNOs within country x (xxx02 & xxx03)
  • we added xxx02 and xxx03 to the FPLM list
  • device is not able to connect
  • after 3 days the device is still not able to connect

Any information regarding this is welcome.

Thanks, m.

Hello @odi.odi ,

You managed to fix this setup? I was interested on verify whether BG95 is able to flush fPLMN list autonomously.