BG95-M3 Switching out of ECM mode

I switched a BG95-M3 into ECM mode using AT+QCFGEXT="usbnet","ecm". ECM mode seems to work well. How do I send an AT command to switch back? It doesn’t seem like ECM mode exposes an AT-command interface over USB.


pls try one of the following at:

  1. AT+QCFGEXT="usbnet","rmnet" // set this device as rmnet

reboot the module

2 option 2. AT+QPRTPARA=3 // recover the factory mode , not recommended

Thanks, but I don’t see a serial port that I can send AT commands to over the USB connection. It seems like there’s no way to send AT commands to the BG95 when in ECM mode.

Just to add, I’m running Linux. I manually patched the kernel to get to the serial port when in “modem” mode. It doesn’t look like ECM mode exposes a serial port, but if I need to do something special to get it, could you point me to the doc?

@fhunleth have you figured this out? I ran into the same problem.

No, we came to the conclusion that ECM mode doesn’t support an AT command interface over USB. We’re using the AT command interface over the main UART.

How do you do that? I’m left with only /dev/ttyUSB0 which doesn’t seem to work with minicom.

It’s not over USB. It’s using the pins marked MAIN_RXD and MAIN_TXD on the module.

@Stephen.Li-Q is there any way I can reset it to modem mode without using the main UART? I don’t think it’s wired in my prototype board.