BG95-M3 registration denied, Vodafone indicates it never received any attempts


We are trying to register our BG95-M3 with an international profile.
Unfortunately, we are constantly getting a Registration Denied error: +CREG: 3.

Vodafone indicates that the SIM card never even attempted to register or had a session with them, but the SIM card is activated and provisioned. (722 Bytes)
Are we using the AT commands wrong?

We use the following AT commands to connect to the vodaphone uk NB-IoT network.

AT+CFUN=0 //Turn modem off
AT+CFUN=1 //Turn modem on

AT+CEREG? //Poll until response equals 0,5 or 0,1 - EPS connection (LTE Connection)


I am having the same problem here. We upgrade from the M95 modem to the BG95M3 and started facing this problem. Vodafone is not offering us any help also. I am really lost here. Did you find any solution at all?