BG95 M3 publish MQTT with qos 1

Hi everybody. I was trying to publish messages over MQTT using the quality of service of 1 with the module BG95 M3. The messages were checked with an OK confirmation by the module on the AT command “AT=QMTPUB” but the response was too long and I get error. Is there a specific way to send this kind of messages over MQTT?

I follow the example of this guide, I only change the attribute qos and the attribute msgID to 1:

And before this below AT sequence I get the normal connection accepted with +QMTCONN: 0,0,0

+QMTPUB : ,,,,
//Publish messages.

some data

+QMTPUB: 0,2 //error

for BG95 module ,the largest size be listed as below (<4096)

for more analysis , we need more QXDM logs .pls reach to

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@Stephen.Li-Q Ok. I will contact the support by email. Thanks!