BG95-M3 PSM don't wake up

can someone help me by following issue?
All works fine, but after entering the network PSM mode the Timer TS3412 don’t wake up the module automaticly.

I have a PCIE module which is controlled over UART AT Commands.
Log (Red: Host → BG95; Blue: BG95 → Host):

You can try the following,

  1. Re-configure and enable PSM using AT+CPSMS instruction to see if you can wake up the module from T3412.

  2. Use PON_TRIG pin to wake up the module and check whether it can be successfully awakened.

1)I change the location, take a second BG95 module and use the AT+CPSMS command instead of QPSM, but with no success. The T3412 don’t wake up the module. I use a MFF2 eSimCard from “ThingsMobile”.
2)I woud prefer to use the PON_TRIG Pin but i use a “Quectel Mini PCIE BG95-M3 Module”. I’m right that there is no output pin to wake up from PSM?

Have you some other ideas to slove the issue?


i have found this information (see below)
A psm wake up over the uart would slove the problem. Is there a timeline or exist a alpha or beta version?

I’m sorry, but there is no specific timetable for this.

sorry to sort this old post out, but I’m planning to use BG95 mini PCie version too and also use PSM mode, but couldn’t find any way to wakeup the module on demand as neither PWR_KEY or PON_TRIG are available on PCie pinout… have you found a way to wake the module up?