BG95-M3 Power off with PWRKEY - 0.7mA current consumption

I am testing the power consumption of my prototype PCB assembly fitted with BG95-M3. When I power off the modem using PWRKEY (or AT+QPOWD) I measure the current consumption of the board at ~700uA. I have 2 other boards that are identical except they don’t have the modem fitted and I measure about 50uA current consumption on these boards. This indicates to me that the modem is taking something like 600 - 650uA in power down mode. This matches the current specified for SLEEP but I was expecting something like 14.5uA (from the manual) for power off.

Am I right in expecting 14.5uA in this scenario?


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I eventually found an issue with the board causing the increased current consumption, the modem current consumption was within the expected value.


Can you share some information on what the issue was with your board? Was it a soldering issue or some other chip was consuming more power?
I am having a similar kind of issue.

Hi, it was a while ago, I seem to recall it was actually down to poor manufacturing. Simple things like not properly cleaning the PCB causing leakage between ports that were at different potential during sleep.

Obvioulsy other things to check would be pull up/down resistors, port pin values during sleep and correct setup of peripheral devices for sleep modes.