BG95-M3 override/reset

Using the QuecOpen SDK, I accidentally flashed an application with a 5 second sleep delay inside an infinite loop onto a BG95-M3. The module is now impossible to establish COMs w/ via Tera Term or QPST so I can’t take the FW off or send any reset AT commands. Anyway that I can perform a factory reset without any SW interface?

Pls enter force download mode and erase your DAM application with the below fw version

Inserting the board onto an EVB isn’t an option for me. I think I’ve found the the USB_boot and VDD_ext breakouts on the board my module is on, but I don’t know what comm channel I’m supposed to be using to interface in order to see the “Quectel QDLoader” enumerate in device manager.

when you shortcut BOOT + VDD_EX - a new USB (COM) port will appear

or reflash the module - BG95 firmware restore APP

@WizIO @Stephen.Li-Q Got it. Thank you both for your help.

Hello, I have a similar issue which requires resetting the quectel chip to re-gain access to the serial usb uart communication. Though in my circumstance, using a BG95-M2, I have enabled disusb accidently before using cfun=1,1 to restart the chip, preventing further communication with the device.

Will this solution reset the disusb setting?

Also, can you elaborate on the comment a little, I found the two pins you mention, but I am not sure what “shortcut”, means in this case. Is this just toggling them high then low and is there specific durations, or is it something else entirely?

Thanks for the suggestion, I wouldn’t have thought to try this.