Bg95-m3 new firmware at+qnwcfg

Hi there!, I just updated one BG95-M3 Module to firmware versión since we need to start the module in CFUN=0 mode.

We configure the new AT command AT+QNWCFG=“cfun_init_mode” ,0 and confirm but the module always starts on CFUN=1 mode.

Any advice?

pls send the below cmd to enter cfun0 mode

AT+cfun=0 //enter cfun0 mode

at+cfun=1 //quit cfun0 and enter cfun1 mode

at+cfun? to query

What we need is to start the module at CFUN=0 by default.

We notice that once powered, it immediately starts to search and attach to the network, we don’t need this, What we need is to configure first and then start searching for network.

As the document “Quectel_BG95M3_Firmware_Release_Notes_V0203_01.009.01.009.pdf” it says you added the command AT+QNWCFG=“cfun_init_mode” ,0 to achieve this function.
Hope you can help.
Best Regards.