BG95 -M3 multi carrier operations on NB


I am working with a BG95-M3 board and want to use multiple carriers for faster downlink and uplink speeds. We have enabled these features on NW: twoharq-processes-r14, t-Reordering-r14, enableStatusReportSN-Gap-r13, which should allow BG95-M3 to practically reach speeds of up to 120 kb/s, but what I have measured most was only 80kb/s in DL and 60 kb/s in UL using PPP dial up connection. Any suggestions regarding this matter?

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There is a gap between the real network test and the theoretical value. The speed is related to the current network signal quality, signal strength and base station load of the equipment. When the signal strength and quality are good and the base station load is small, the speed will be improved correspondingly.

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Yes I agree with you, however the issue might be with the configuration of the board. Are there any AT commands to configure the board to use non-anchor carriers or maybe any commands regarding carriers or NB-IoT extended transport block sizes?

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