BG95-M3 MQTT stability on LTE-CAT M1 and AT+QMTCLOSE Error

Hi all,
we have the first project with a BG95 and facing two issues at the moment:

If we connect via GSM the mqtt connection works fine via LTE-CATM1 it is losing the connection very often (basically everytime after some minutes) but the connection itself (antenna should be fine) as I get this QCSQ info:
AT+QCSQ:“eMTC”,55,76,208,8. Is this an issue with CATM1 itself, as it is for low power can the connection be on all the time (using Magenta - tmobile in austria)

As a work around we try to reconnect the mqtt connection, but we get always an error on AT+QMCLOSE=0\r\n (mqtt client 0 used) and then the AT+QMTOPEN is not working (MQTT identifier is occupied). We do a disconnection first which is working as we can see in the AWS terminal (client initiated closing)

  1. Generally speaking, CATM is more stable than GSM, unless the signal of CATM is too poor

  2. about your case , pls pay more attention to the mqtt qos and clean mode parameter , and make sure the mqtt session has been closed completely . thanks