BG95-M3 miniPCIe USB AT Port


I’m using BG95-M3 miniPCIe and EVB kit. It does not give me the option to use the AT Port after installing the driver “Quectel_LTE&5G_Windows_USB_Driver_V2.2.2”.

Is there any other Driver that I’m missing. The ports only show Quectel USB DM Port and Quectel USB NMEA Port. How about the Quectel USB AT Port?


Indeed the AT port is not shown in the device manager.

If you use Qcom, you will see the 3rd port showing up when you click on the port selection.

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Thanks for your help, Do you know why is not showing in the device manager section? Maybe is just me but I’m using a windows 10 pc or that is the way it is?

Thanks you!

I don’t know either. Perhaps it is just BG95. I tried on win 7 and win 10 and AT port never showed up on device manager.


Do you have a modem entry in the device manager? If so, check the serial port in the modem details. It will probably be the same serial as in Qcom

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Yes, weirdly it does show the correct COM# under Modem and is the same as Qcom.

Then, does that means that the AT port and Modem share same USB interface?

Yes, we can only use Modem port to send AT commands.
BG95 module interface0—DM, interface1—NMEA, interface2—Modem, interface3—ECM

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Only AT commands but if that is the modem port then what port is used for the PPP protocol?

interface2 for Modem port and interface4 for AT port.

How come you are describing two different interfaces after saying that the BG95 only has 4 interfaces which you described them from 0-3(total of 4 interfaces). interfaces 3 is used for modem and AT port. My question was what interface is used for the PPP protocol? is it the same interface as the modem and AT port?