BG95-M3 Mini PCIe: standby current in PSM mode

On a BG95-M3 Mini PCIe module connected via UART I measure a standby current in PSM mode of 1.4mA instead of about 4uA, even if I disconnect (unsolder) the Power LEDs 10k resistor.

What could be the reason for this?

Hello Matthias,

This is normal for BG95M3 Mini PCIE with 1.4mA current. PCIE not the same with standard module, there are many Boost voltage and cause current higher than 4μA.

Linkin WANG

Thx for response.
Ok I see, the BG95-M3 has a min. VCC of 3.3V so a nominal 3.3V power supply is too weak and because of this a step-up converter was put on the board.

Unfortunately because of this the BG95 mini PCIe is not suitable for low power IoT designs which should run for months or years with a battery.

Regards Matthias