BG95-M3 Latest Friwmare and QFlash

I want to update the firmware of my BG96-M3 modem, so please send me the latest FW, the Qflash Tool.
thank you!
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The new firmware and upgrade tool have been sent to you, please note to check.


I have the same problem I would like to get the latest firmware for my BG95-M3 module.


Can i get it?

thank you

The new firmware has been sent to you, please note to check.

Hello TAbor,

thank you for fast reply.

I’ve updated to the FW you provided by it looks like something is missing.
accordingly to the documentation (Quectel_BG95BG77BG600L_Series_GTP_Application_Note_V1.0) I would like to test the GTP but once I sent the following I got error.

23/05/2023 12:09:06.248 [TX] - AT+QGPSCFG=“gtp_fun”,1
23/05/2023 12:09:06.259 [RX] - +CME ERROR: 501

23/05/2023 12:10:33.826 [TX] - AT+QGMR
23/05/2023 12:10:33.836 [RX] - BG95M3LAR02A03_01.017.01.017

Can you help me?


BG95M3 Only the R05 branch supports GTP and the R02 branch does not support GTP. There is no upgrade support between the two branches. If you want to use this feature, please purchase the module of the R05 branch.

Also GTP feature isa cellular positioning technology that is disabled by default. If you want to use it, please

confirm whether it is supported in the current area by GTP service provider.

Thank you Tabor!

So If I understood correctly I cannot update my module to GTP support since my module is not the correct HW variant, Am I correct?

This is the Part numer list, CAn I ask your help for pointing me out which Correct PN should I order in order to get the R05 branch?

Thank you very much!

You can choose BG95M3LA-64-SGNS. Note that you need R05 branch version module when placing the order.

hello Tabor,

I have already ordered from distributor, so I have probably no possibility to ask this.

I buyed already BG95M3LA-64-SGNS module (should receive in a couple of days)
If this will arrive with no R05 branch, how we proceed?

I need you to provide me this firmware, otherwise what we can do?

thanks again for the support!

Firmware cannot be updated between different branches. You can apply for replacement from the place where you purchase.