[BG95-M3] Is UART RTS/CTS flow control active when running CMUX


When activating CMUX on the main hw UART to the BG95-M3 I have noticed that the hw DCD and DTR signals no longer have any effect. In non-CMUX, DCD indicates = carrier-detect and DTR toggle = disconnect.
I assume that this is the expected behaviour in CMUX.

My question is are the hw RTS/CTS flow control signals as activated by AT+IFC still operational when the modem runs the CMUX protocol?

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Yes, the hardware RTS/CTS flow control signals are still operational when the modem runs the CMUX protocol. The AT+IFC command sets the flow control mode for the serial interface, and it can be used in conjunction with the CMUX protocol. The CMUX protocol is a multiplexing protocol that allows multiple logical channels to be transmitted over a single physical serial interface. The flow control signals are used to manage the flow of data between the modem and the connected device, and they are still necessary even when using the CMUX protocol.