BG95(M3) How to configure the module to automatically select operator with best signal quality

Hi, we are using the BG95 with a sim-card, which allows to connect to any operator available.
At the current position of the module it receives 3 different operators, with different signal-quality ranging from excellent (-48dBm) to sufficient (-85dBm).
It is not clear, if there is implemented some kind of algorithm in the modem, which decides which operator is actually taken for connection, or if this is random, or if there is some kind of first-come first serve strategy?
We made observations that the module does not necessarily take the operator with the best signal quality any time.
Is there some configuration available to tell the modem, that it shall select the operator with the best signal quality?

BG95 modules will follow the bellow rule to register the network

Some SIM cards have preferred network operators. This is called SIM card steering. The intention is to save operating costs and achieve greater margins. The SIM card selects a cost-effective network. This may be at the sacrifice of network quality.
Steered SIM cards connect to the predefined networks even if stronger and better quality networks are available. These SIM cards switch back to the preferred network operator after a while even after the default via AT+COPS.

Is that the optional User controlled PLMN selector with Access Technology file at SIM address 0x6F60?

If so, and the file exists, the first two entries can be read with AT+CRSM=176,28512,0,0,10

The file is editable, using the +CRSM command with different arguments.