BG95-M3 Firmware recover

I was accidentally flashed new firmware “BG95M2LAR02A02_BETA0312A” to my BG95-M3 modem by QFlash. After that modem not responding for AT commands and USB port is not working. Seems like its corrupted.

Is there any way to recover Bg95 modem?


recover after ThreadX application?

Hi, I’m not using ThreadX and i’m not developing any threadX application using QuecOpen etc. I’m only using native AT protocol over UART.

you use BG95M2LAR02A02 to M3 module
ask from Quectel BG95M3 firmware

Hi muratdemirtas,

Pls reburn the BG95 M3 fw , the new BG95 fw version can been download from the below link :+1:

Hi stephen, Unfortunately, i can’t see modem DM port on my computer.

  • connect this points ( shot )
  • power ON module
  • select “new DM” port
  • flash firmware

Thank you, i will try this.


Please help me with the software are using to burn the firmware, and software to send AT commands.

if you have software working in Linux will be great.

Best Regards, Odai