BG95-M3 Evr kit download problem

Hello, the module I use is BG95-M6 and I am developing it using QuecOpen.

The module is malfunctioning due to a code problem I wrote.

The code has been executed and the reset continues to repeat.

In Quectel EFS Explorer, the module’s ports read, but no directories appear.

Looking at the module operating with UART, I think the operation is progressing. However, it also seems to malfunction due to the code I wrote incorrectly.

So I’d like to download the firmware to the module in a different way and ask about the process or procedure.

it seems that , your module has crashed due to your code ,

pls send the the below cmd via AT port , to disable your code ,

if you do that , the module will stop reset always , you can open the QEFS normally