BG95-M3 EVB / Support for VF IoT VoLTE


I am asked to verify that the VoLTE setup provided by our partner vodafone works as expected. For that I would like to use ab BG95-M3 EVB kit I already have.
According to documentation by VF, these VoLTE settings should be integrated in to the firmware:
Vodafone IoT 90128 Variant Settings
Is that the case, or is a modified firmware available? In any case, please provide current firmware for the device.

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No one can help, not even support?


Please share you BG95 firmware version via AT+QGMR command, some versions are not support VOLTE feature.

Thanks for answering. I’m using an EVB kit, it has audio breakout . Please provide a current firmware which does. Vodafone also provides the IMS settings in form of an excel document. How can I convert these so that I can upload these settings to the modem?
I can provide the settings file, but currently I am not allowed to upload these to this thread.
Please notice that this is a PoC for a bigger home emergency project.

I’ve rad about the AT*+*QNVFW command. Please provide documentation so that I can configure IMS APN and all VoLTE settings.

Please take reference with attach Application Note.
Quectel_BG95&BG77&BG600L_Series_Voice_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (602.4 KB)