BG95-M3 eSIM information?

According to the BG95 Hardware datasheet the BG95-M3 support an eSIM.
Where can I find more information about eSIM support on the BG95-M3 ?

For instance:

  1. Does it support M2M solution eSIMs, Consumer solution eSIMs or both ?
  2. How do I install new profiles with a LPA on an eSIM if Consumer solution eSIM is supported ?

Hi Miche
Only support M2M solution eSIM.

hi, do i need to set up anything in particular for the modem to be able to handle M2M esims? in a more concrete way, do i need to modify anything with the bip/auth command?

Generally there is no need to do anything with module.

Does BG95-M3 support the AT+QESIM commands? Is there future support planned?

Hi @TomK
Custom firmware support eSIM. for general firmwares are not support this feature.

Is it possible to email me firmware that supports eSIM?

Hi @TomK

I’m sorry we can’t, for this firmware need place an order with local Quectel Seller.

Hey, can you advice which devices support AT+QESIM commands on the standard firmware?

Hi @TomK

Sorry for the late response.
Would you mind share your product region ? there are different model on different region.

Hey, region is USA and maybe EU.

EC200-U should be support eSIM