BG95-M3 DFOTA from the SDK

We’re starting a new project development with the BG95-M3
Our intent is to code it using the SDK (on ThreadX). There’s a PlatformIO project that seems to cover our needs from Wiz-IO, but it lacks the DFOTA example.

I can’t seem to be able to find any info about the DFOTA feature with the SDK (only with AT commands, but we don’t want this).

I would like to ask some other clarifications, like what’s the contents of the file I need to place on the web server for the OTA to happen.

If there’s NO such thing as DFOTA for the SDK apps, then how could I implement one? I understand that our SDK-built apps are placed on the dam_app partition, is this correct?
I don’t see a secondary slot for the dam_app, so if I want to run an OTA by myself, I should store my bin app on the EFS and somehow flash the dam_app partition?
I hope there’s some kind of OTA support already even for the SDK apps, because this path could lead to a device which doesn’t boot the app anymore if the OTA fails and the actual dam_app gets corrupted.


BG95 open solution support DAM APP OTA upgrade ,but before we send to you the SDK , you need to fill in one questionaire ,pls reach to your sales