BG95-M3 development board with AT+QGSMLOC=?

Hi, I am working on BG95-M3 development board. I want with GSM module get location. I use this AT command bu is not working. My using AT command is “AT+QGSMLOC=?”. I get answered directly response “ERROR”. What can I do. I do attach add my screen.

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Don’t you need +QGPSLOC

Test syntax: AT+QGPSLOC=?
Read syntax: AT+QGPSLOC?

Yes, you are right but I want to use GSM. I saw for another application and this comment AT+QGSMLOC=? is working. Why is this command not working? How can ı do?
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BG95M3 should not support this directive, you can use the module’s own GNSS feature

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Thanks for the reply. Do you have a suggestion for a module that is a Quectel product and has a GSMLOC feature?

If you need to use precise positioning, it is recommended that you use the GNSS feature of the module.