BG95-M3 default QCFG config


On my BG95 module (BG95M3LAR02A03_01.012.01.012) default values on QCFG are not corresponding to datasheet value. Example:


[2021-09-09_11:25:44:853]+QCFG: "nwscanmode",0  (OK with datasheet)


[2021-09-09_11:26:08:235]+QCFG: "nwscanseq",020301 (KO with datasheet: 00)


[2021-09-09_11:26:21:339]+QCFG: "iotopmode",2 (KO with datasheet: 0)

I also tried at+qcfg=“nvrestore”,0 and at+qprtpara=3 but this as no effect

Am I missing something?

Thank you,

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the response of your query is correct, There is some mis -understanding about this configuration cmd .

When our module leave factory , By default , We will set it up to support all RAT .

  1. AT+QCFG=“NWSCANSEQ”,00 //auto searching(catm - nb -gsm) , the query result is 020301

  2. AT+QCFG=“iotopmode” ,2 // support catm &NB ( there is some fault in datasheet )