BG95-M3 || data upload and download not working in Tanzania


I am trying to use BG95-M3 in Tanzania location at client end. I am getting proper signal strength but not able to upload or download anything.

Particular SIM card is working fine in mobile phone and data pack is also working in phone as well as another 2g module(some old device). SIM is of halotel operator.

Please suggest all possible reason that could go wrong.

for BG95M3 module , it support 3 RAT ( GSM/CATM /NB) , Sometimes it can use the SIM card of the mobile phone, sometimes it needs a dedicated SIM card, which depends on the definition of SIM provision by the operator.

if you need to more info , pls collect Qwinlog and send back to

for Qwinlog download, pls kindly open the below link :slight_smile: