Bg95-m3 dam_cfg


I’m trying to save some data intoNAND flash for QuecOpen configuration with BG95-M3 module. I see there are some API, such as


Are those API the good ones?
Is it necessary to read/write flash in bulk the entire partition (128K)?
In practice, if I have two parameters in DAM_CFG partition and I want to edit just one, I have to:

  • read all the partition
  • modify the parameter
    -write back all the partition


QAPI support File System
qapi_FS_Open, qapi_FS_Write … etc

Thanks @WizIO, I know and I’m using filesystem.
But I would like to use the specific partitions provided for configuration in flash (128k) as reported in quecopen documentation…

I will do some test…



… exposure to user space makes the system vulnerable to
security attacks. So the support is deprecated.

Hello @WizIO,

At this point I don’t understand how to use the 128KB for User configuration.
Maybe API have not been implemented yet.

I would like to save some info like:
-date of production
-device model
-fixed parameters,etc…

If there aren’t other options, maybe I will use a file in read-only mode.