BG95-M3 custom PCB usb problem


We made 5 prototypes recently with the BG95-M3 and we are having some issues to get them working.
When we connect the usb we only see one COM port -> Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics.
So we are a bit confused because we need the AT/DM ports but they are not showing up.
Voltages look OK and the PWR key functionality works.
Boot pin is not connected, so this is not the emergency download mode?

Could we have made a PCB mistake? Does the modem maybe have just no firmware on it?


If this ever helps somebody:
apparently pin 27 (GPS_TXD) is also BOOT_CONFIG pin and needs to be low when PWR_Key is toggled. Otherwise it goes into emergency download mode.


add one notes : under the emergency download mode 。the right driver for our car should been this


pls kindly download and install quectel driver