BG95-M3 CoAP: custom message token

Hi there,

BG95-M3 with FW BG95M3LAR02A03_01.014.01.014

I want to use custom CoAP message tokens instead of automatic generated.

Pls consider the following CoAP header command: clientId=0, msgId=1, mode=0 (no auto token), token-length=1 byte, token=“01” (numerical value 1 as “hex string”)


The module accepts the command:


I also set some CoAP options and finally send the message (optBitMask=15):


The module replies with > and since I have no payload I complete the command with CTRL-Z
Module replies with:

+QCOAPACK: 1,2,1000,0
+QCOAPRECV: 1,1000,2.05,1,00, ... rest omitted for brevity

So the request works but the incoming message URC shows a token value of 00 which is not my token value of 01 - why?

Thanks for any hints on how to set a custom CoAP token!


COAP is one new feature of BG95 , no more customer use COAP Independently ,

I can not confirm that , if it support zero payload .

we need to check log and submit Jira ticket internally ,

If you have to use this function, please use your company’s email to send us the problem and grab the log. We will help you solve the problem