BG95-M3, CMW 500 not attaching, various SIMs


I have two issues with testing BG95-M3 (Eval board).

First problem I have with CMW 500, I cannot connect with CMW with any service (GSM 900, 1800 (CS, PS-EGPRS, LTE CatM1, NB-IoT). Configuration must be correct because I can connect with another Mobile Stations (various mobile phones, I don’t have IoT device). CMWs SIM card is read correctly but if I request AT+COPS I cannot see any operator.
Is there any white paper or application note for CMW500 testing?

Another problem I have with commercial polish operators. With some SIM cards I’m able connect to BTS with GSM-CS, with some I’m not. Does anyone report similar problem?


To connect to CMW500 , pls see the attached doc , hoping it is useful to you .

Thank You very much, for LTE signalling is very helpfull.

But still I can’t connect via EGPRS transmission.