[BG95-M3] CME ERROR:13 on esim

We have a customized PCB for BG95-M3 module with esim (ST4 SIM-200m). We were connected the module with the UART port, The module is responding correctly with AT commands.
We were facing problem with esim activation, When we give AT+QCCID we got +CME ERROR: 13
AT+CPIN we got +CME ERROR: 10.
What will be the issue for that?


Hi Shahas,

I saw your another post about BG95M3 not turning on. It seems that you have figured it out. Could you share how you solved this problem?

For this question, CME ERROR: 10 and CME ERROR: 13 represent (U)SIM not inserted and (U)SIM failure, respectively. If you use the schematic from the previous post, I suppose it’s because SIM_DATA is directly connected to VDD_SIM. That is, when the uSIM is inserted, SIM_DATA might always be high. Replacing the 20K ohm resistor with a 0 ohm might help.

Hi Soley,
Thanks for your support, we have replaced the 20k ohm resistor with 0 ohm resistor , But still its response is +CME ERROR:13.

Hi Shahas,

Thank you for your reply.

Could you measure the timing diagram of VDD_SIM, SIM_RST, SIM CLK and SIM_DATA while the card is inserting?

Could you also double check if the SIM card detection is disabled by sending ” AT+QSIMDET?” ? The function is disabled by default. In your design, the SIM_DET PIN is unconnected. If the first integer of the response is 1 (enable), the module will not recognize the inserted SIM card.

Hi Soley,
We are not using the usual sim card. We were using esim(ST4 SIM-200M) for our application.

By checking the command “AT+QSIMDET?” we got QSIMDET: 0,0


Hi Shahas,

Is it possible to measure the power-on timing diagram for the pins I mentioned above?

And What firmware version are you using?

Hi Shahas,

When connecting e-sim to modem , the NC pin do you leave it floating or Pull it down?


Hi Soley,
We have changed our schematics as shown below, But still we are facing the same problem. I have checked VDD_SIM it is showing 0v. Can you please suggest what will be the issue.