[BG95-M3] CME-10 SIM ERROR on EVB Kit


I am working on the BG95-M3 development with the “UMTS & LTE EVB Kit”. Last week I was able test the GNSS function of the module as well as pinging google. In order to connect to the operator I needed to change the access technology from NB-IoT to GSM. [AT+COPS=0,0,“Vodafone TR”,0]
I believe after changing the access technology back to the NB-IoT I started to get CME-13 and CME-10 errors. The errors are all SIM hardware related. I have removed the test SIM card from the evaluation board and tested on my smartphone and I got the message “Iphone not activated” after plugging in my test SIM card. Also, with my personal SIM card on the EVB I get the same CME errors.
To me it seems like my test SIM card is fried but my functional SIM card is also not working together with the EVB from unknown reasons. Also being able to connect to a network with GSM but not with the NB-IoT is a mystery for me.
Anybody come across with these behaviours or have a professional opinion?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Here is my AT log:



Revision: BG95M3LAR02A03




+CSQ: 99,99




+CFUN: 1


+COPS: 0


+CREG: 0,2


+COPS: (1,”AVEA”,”AVEA”,”28603”,0),(1,”TR TURKCELL”,”TCELL”,”28601”,0),(0,1,2,3,4),(0,1,2)


Edit 1: I don’t have any voltage or signal on the SIM card lines. After sending SIM related commands like “AT+CPIN?” and monitoring the data line with the oscillator I was not able to detect any signal.

Edit 2: SIM inserted status is 2 (Unknown, before (U)SIM initialization) and removing and inserting SIM card doesn’t give any feedback.




based your desciption , it is HW issue, pls check your si.m card slot.

another way , you can insert your sim card into another IOt module , not IPhone , because it is iot sim card .

Hi Stephen,
The sim cards that I have on the hand are regular sim card I believe.
Before I came across this issue I was able to connect to a network and ping google.

But I have listened to your advice with all the signs were pointing to sim card hardware error and cleaned up the SIM slot with contact cleaner. And, I have also removed my SIM adapter and carefully inserted the SIM card to the bigger size slot.

This way I was able to read the SIM card but still I am not able to connect to a network.
It seems like the device manually deregisters from the network and I am not able to put it in the automatic mode or manually register to a network. I have been trying solutions to fix the issue but no fix for now.
Do you have any suggestions?

Here is my current log:






Revision: BG95M3LAR02A03









+CSQ: 22,0









+CFUN: 1



+COPS: 2



+CREG: 0,0







After solving the SIM card slot hardware problem I have changed my debugging platform to QNavigator.
I have discovered that there was problem with my main SIM card. I was able to register to a network with my personal SIM card and also work with TCP/IP to send data to Thingspeak.

My QNavigator steps:
SIM initialization (SIM PIN removed beforehand)
Enter TCP/IP
IP Connect
Send data
Connection closes automatically

Here is my last log:

/* MY APP HERE ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** */

[2021-11-11 15:00:11:828_S:] AT+CPIN?
[2021-11-11 15:00:11:885_R:] AT+CPIN?
[2021-11-11 15:00:11:885_R:] +CPIN: READY

[2021-11-11 15:00:11:885_R:] OK

/* INITIALIZE SIM ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** */

/* Start AT SYNC: Send AT every 500ms, if receive OK, SYNC success, if no OK return after sending AT 10 times, SYNC fail */
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:718_S:] AT
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:781_R:] AT
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:781_R:] OK
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:786_S:] ATI
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:847_R:] ATI
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:847_R:] Quectel
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:847_R:] BG95-M3
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:847_R:] Revision: BG95M3LAR02A03

[2021-11-11 15:00:20:847_R:] OK
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:855_S:] ATI
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:912_R:] ATI
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:912_R:] Quectel
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:912_R:] BG95-M3
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:912_R:] Revision: BG95M3LAR02A03

[2021-11-11 15:00:20:912_R:] OK

/* Use ATV1 to set the response format */
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:925_S:] ATV1
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:986_R:] ATV1
[2021-11-11 15:00:20:986_R:] OK

/* Use ATE1 to enable echo mode */
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:236_S:] ATE1
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:297_R:] ATE1
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:297_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CMEE=2 to enable result code and use verbose values */
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:446_S:] AT+CMEE=2
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:506_R:] AT+CMEE=2
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:506_R:] OK

/* Get the baudrate, if the value is 0 (auto baudrate), then it will be set to 115200 (fixed baudrate) to assure reliable communication and avoid any problems caused by undetermined baudrate between DCE and DTE, value of IPR should be saved with AT&W */
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:759_S:] AT+IPR?
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:820_R:] AT+IPR?
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:820_R:] +IPR: 115200

[2021-11-11 15:00:21:820_R:] OK

/* Use ATI to get module information of Manufacturer ID, Device module and Firmware version */
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:870_S:] ATI
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:931_R:] ATI
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:931_R:] Quectel
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:931_R:] BG95-M3
[2021-11-11 15:00:21:931_R:] Revision: BG95M3LAR02A03

[2021-11-11 15:00:21:931_R:] OK

/* Use AT+GSN to query the IMEI of module /
[2021-11-11 15:00:22:040_S:] AT+GSN
[2021-11-11 15:00:22:101_R:] AT+GSN
[2021-11-11 15:00:22:101_R:] 123

[2021-11-11 15:00:22:101_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CPIN? to query the SIM card status : SIM card inserted or not, locked or unlocked */
[2021-11-11 15:00:22:607_S:] AT+CPIN?
[2021-11-11 15:00:22:669_R:] AT+CPIN?
[2021-11-11 15:00:22:669_R:] +CPIN: READY

[2021-11-11 15:00:22:669_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CIMI to query the IMSI of SIM card /
[2021-11-11 15:00:22:781_S:] AT+CIMI
[2021-11-11 15:00:22:843_R:] AT+CIMI
[2021-11-11 15:00:22:843_R:] 123

[2021-11-11 15:00:22:843_R:] OK

/* Use AT+QCCID to query ICCID number of SIM card /
[2021-11-11 15:00:22:994_S:] AT+QCCID
[2021-11-11 15:00:23:056_R:] AT+QCCID
[2021-11-11 15:00:23:056_R:] +QCCID: 123

[2021-11-11 15:00:23:056_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CSQ to query current signal quality */
[2021-11-11 15:00:23:106_S:] AT+CSQ
[2021-11-11 15:00:23:167_R:] AT+CSQ
[2021-11-11 15:00:23:167_R:] +CSQ: 31,99

[2021-11-11 15:00:23:167_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CEREG? to query the network registration status. */
[2021-11-11 15:00:23:179_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:23:240_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:23:240_R:] +CEREG: 0,4

[2021-11-11 15:00:23:240_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CEREG? to query the network registration status. */
[2021-11-11 15:00:25:252_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:25:315_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:25:315_R:] +CEREG: 0,4

[2021-11-11 15:00:25:315_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CEREG? to query the network registration status. */
[2021-11-11 15:00:27:327_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:27:389_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:27:389_R:] +CEREG: 0,4

[2021-11-11 15:00:27:389_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CEREG? to query the network registration status. */
[2021-11-11 15:00:29:402_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:29:465_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:29:465_R:] +CEREG: 0,4

[2021-11-11 15:00:29:465_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CEREG? to query the network registration status. */
[2021-11-11 15:00:31:478_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:31:540_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:31:540_R:] +CEREG: 0,4

[2021-11-11 15:00:31:540_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CEREG? to query the network registration status. */
[2021-11-11 15:00:33:554_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:33:614_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:33:614_R:] +CEREG: 0,4

[2021-11-11 15:00:33:614_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CEREG? to query the network registration status. */
[2021-11-11 15:00:35:629_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:35:689_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:35:689_R:] +CEREG: 0,4

[2021-11-11 15:00:35:689_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CEREG? to query the network registration status. */
[2021-11-11 15:00:37:705_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:37:765_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:37:765_R:] +CEREG: 0,4

[2021-11-11 15:00:37:765_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CEREG? to query the network registration status. */
[2021-11-11 15:00:39:780_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:39:841_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:39:841_R:] +CEREG: 0,4

[2021-11-11 15:00:39:841_R:] OK
[2021-11-11 15:00:40:611_S:] AT+COPS?
[2021-11-11 15:00:40:667_R:] AT+COPS?
[2021-11-11 15:00:40:667_R:] +COPS: 0,0,“Turkcell”,0

[2021-11-11 15:00:40:667_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CEREG? to query the network registration status. */
[2021-11-11 15:00:41:853_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:41:914_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:41:914_R:] +CEREG: 0,4

[2021-11-11 15:00:41:914_R:] OK

/* Make sure the Antenna is connected and the network is normal */

/* TCP/UDP ENTER ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** */

/* use AT+CPIN? to query the SIM card status : SIM card inserted or not, locked or unlocked */
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:533_S:] AT+CPIN?
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:596_R:] AT+CPIN?
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:596_R:] +CPIN: READY

[2021-11-11 15:00:47:596_R:] OK

/* use AT+CSQ to query current signal quality */
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:608_S:] AT+CSQ
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:668_R:] AT+CSQ
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:668_R:] +CSQ: 31,99

[2021-11-11 15:00:47:668_R:] OK

/* use AT+CREG? /AT+CGREG? to query the network registration status, if the return value is [0,1] or [0,5], it is successfully registered, other value is fail to register */
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:680_S:] AT+CREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:742_R:] AT+CREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:742_R:] +CREG: 0,1

[2021-11-11 15:00:47:742_R:] OK
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:746_S:] AT+CGREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:807_R:] AT+CGREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:47:807_R:] +CGREG: 0,1

[2021-11-11 15:00:47:807_R:] OK

/* TCP/UDP -> PDP ACT ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** */

/* Use AT+CPIN? to query the SIM status */
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:147_S:] AT+CPIN?
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:203_R:] AT+CPIN?
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:203_R:] +CPIN: READY

[2021-11-11 15:00:50:203_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CEREG? to query network registration status */
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:216_S:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:278_R:] AT+CEREG?
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:278_R:] +CEREG: 0,4

[2021-11-11 15:00:50:278_R:] OK

/* Use AT+QICSGP=1,1,“UNINET”,“mms”,"",0 to set APN as “UNINET”,user name as “mms”,password as “”*/
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:291_S:] AT+QICSGP=1,1,“UNINET”,“mms”,"",0
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:351_R:] AT+QICSGP=1,1,“UNINET”,“mms”,"",0
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:351_R:] OK

/* Query the status of the context profile */
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:363_S:] AT+QIACT?
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:423_R:] AT+QIACT?
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:423_R:] OK

/* Activate context profile */
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:434_S:] AT+QIACT=1
[2021-11-11 15:00:50:495_R:] AT+QIACT=1
[2021-11-11 15:00:51:358_R:] OK

/* Query the status of the context profile /
[2021-11-11 15:00:51:370_S:] AT+QIACT?
[2021-11-11 15:00:51:432_R:] AT+QIACT?
[2021-11-11 15:00:51:432_R:] +QIACT: 1,1,1,"10.181.

[2021-11-11 15:00:51:432_R:] OK

/* IP CONNECT_1 ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** */

/* Use ATV1 to set the response format */
[2021-11-11 15:00:55:235_S:] ATV1
[2021-11-11 15:00:55:299_R:] ATV1
[2021-11-11 15:00:55:299_R:] OK

/* Use AT+QIOPEN=1,0,“TCP”,“”,80,0,1 to connect to a TCP server (IP address: */
[2021-11-11 15:00:55:313_S:] AT+QIOPEN=1,0,“TCP”,“”,80,0,1
[2021-11-11 15:00:55:374_R:] AT+QIOPEN=1,0,“TCP”,“”,80,0,1
[2021-11-11 15:00:55:374_R:] OK

[2021-11-11 15:00:56:530_R:] +QIOPEN: 0,0

/* SEND DATA_1 ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** */

/* Use AT+QISEND=0 to send data to server, “>” from the UART or USB port indicates the following input data is considered as data to be sent. After receiving “>”, input data (TEST), the maximum length of the data is 1460, the data beyond 1460 will be omitted. Then use <CTRL+Z> to send data. When receive SEND OK means the data has been sent */
[2021-11-11 15:00:57:769_S:] AT+QISEND=0
[2021-11-11 15:00:57:830_R:] AT+QISEND=0
[2021-11-11 15:00:57:830_R:] > GET https://api.thingspeak.com/update?api_key=***********&field1=123

[2021-11-11 15:00:58:088_R:] SEND OK

/* Use AT+QISEND=0,0 to query whether all the data have been sent out */
[2021-11-11 15:00:58:100_S:] AT+QISEND=0,0
[2021-11-11 15:00:58:160_R:] AT+QISEND=0,0
[2021-11-11 15:00:58:160_R:] +QISEND: 77,0,77

[2021-11-11 15:00:58:160_R:] OK
[2021-11-11 15:00:59:169_S:] AT+QISEND=0,0
[2021-11-11 15:00:59:225_R:] AT+QISEND=0,0
[2021-11-11 15:00:59:225_R:] +QISEND: 77,77,0

[2021-11-11 15:00:59:225_R:] OK

[2021-11-11 15:00:59:225_R:] +QIURC: “recv”,0,1
[2021-11-11 15:00:59:225_R:] 1

[2021-11-11 15:00:59:225_R:] +QIURC: “closed”,0

/* Use AT+QICLOSE=0 to change the <socket_state> to initial */
[2021-11-11 15:01:01:650_S:] AT+QICLOSE=0
[2021-11-11 15:01:01:712_R:] AT+QICLOSE=0
[2021-11-11 15:01:01:712_R:] OK


  • More re-connection and send data.
  • Repeated processes omitted.


/* TCP/UDP DEACT ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** */

/* Use ATE1 to enable echo mode */
[2021-11-11 15:08:14:595_S:] ATE1
[2021-11-11 15:08:14:657_R:] ATE1
[2021-11-11 15:08:14:657_R:] OK

/* Use AT+QIDEACT=1 to deactivate GPRS context */
[2021-11-11 15:08:15:108_S:] AT+QIDEACT=1
[2021-11-11 15:08:15:169_R:] AT+QIDEACT=1
[2021-11-11 15:08:15:806_R:] OK

HI all,
I m working with bc660k-gl module, while im connecting the module with sim card im getting error, im unable to call or msg. kindly help me with this. im getting below mentioned output in qnavigator

  • Start AT SYNC: Send AT every 500ms, if receive OK, SYNC success, if no OK return after sending AT 10 times, SYNC fail */
    [2021-12-10 15:53:06:697_S:] AT

[2021-12-10 15:53:06:763_R:] OK
[2021-12-10 15:53:06:780_S:] ATI

[2021-12-10 15:53:06:842_R:] Quectel_Ltd
[2021-12-10 15:53:06:842_R:] Quectel_BC660K-GL
[2021-12-10 15:53:06:842_R:] Revision: BC660KGLAAR01A03

[2021-12-10 15:53:06:842_R:] OK
[2021-12-10 15:53:06:858_S:] ATI

[2021-12-10 15:53:06:967_R:] Quectel_Ltd
[2021-12-10 15:53:06:967_R:] Quectel_BC660K-GL
[2021-12-10 15:53:06:967_R:] Revision: BC660KGLAAR01A03

[2021-12-10 15:53:06:967_R:] OK

/* Use ATV1 to set the response format */
[2021-12-10 15:53:06:995_S:] ATV1

[2021-12-10 15:53:07:092_R:] ERROR

Hi Mallika,

Can you try to explain your problem with more log outputs?
Can you also try more of the debugging AT commands like:

Also, I would suggest you to open a new post since your problem seems to be unrelated to this post.


I have a similar error +CME ERROR:10 on BG95-M3 on UMTS&LTE EVB
The same kit and SIM works fine on a EC25-E and EG91.

[2022-10-17 16:43:37:670_R:] +CFUN: 1

[2022-10-17 16:43:37:780_R:] DSR:0 CTS:1 (RI:0) DCD:0

[2022-10-17 16:43:39:040_R:] APP RDY

/* Use AT+CPIN? to query the SIM card status : SIM card inserted or not, locked or unlocked */
[2022-10-17 16:43:47:703_S:] AT+CPIN?
[2022-10-17 16:43:47:718_R:] AT+CPIN?
[2022-10-17 16:43:47:718_R:] +CME ERROR: 10

/* Make sure SIM card is inserted */

/* Use AT+QCCID to query ICCID number of SIM card */
[2022-10-17 16:43:51:879_S:] AT+QCCID
[2022-10-17 16:43:51:897_R:] AT+QCCID
[2022-10-17 16:43:51:897_R:] +CME ERROR: 13
[2022-10-17 16:48:26:080_S:] AT+QSIMSTAT?
[2022-10-17 16:48:26:093_R:] AT+QSIMSTAT?
[2022-10-17 16:48:26:093_R:] +QSIMSTAT: 1,2

[2022-10-17 16:48:26:093_R:] OK
[2022-10-17 16:48:28:288_S:] AT+QSIMDET?
[2022-10-17 16:48:28:301_R:] AT+QSIMDET?
[2022-10-17 16:48:28:301_R:] +QSIMDET: 1,1

[2022-10-17 16:48:28:301_R:] OK
[2022-10-17 17:21:46:664_S:] AT+CMEE=1
[2022-10-17 17:21:46:681_R:] AT+CMEE=1
[2022-10-17 17:21:46:681_R:] OK
[2022-10-17 17:21:49:194_S:] AT+CSQ
[2022-10-17 17:21:49:209_R:] AT+CSQ
[2022-10-17 17:21:49:209_R:] +CSQ: 99,99

[2022-10-17 17:21:49:209_R:] OK
[2022-10-17 17:21:50:560_S:] AT+CPIN?
[2022-10-17 17:21:50:569_R:] AT+CPIN?
[2022-10-17 17:21:50:569_R:] +CME ERROR: 10
[2022-10-17 17:21:52:369_S:] AT+QSIMDET?
[2022-10-17 17:21:52:369_R:] AT+QSIMDET?
[2022-10-17 17:21:52:386_R:] +QSIMDET: 1,1

[2022-10-17 17:21:52:386_R:] OK
[2022-10-17 17:21:52:944_S:] AT+QSIMSTAT?
[2022-10-17 17:21:52:953_R:] AT+QSIMSTAT?
[2022-10-17 17:21:52:953_R:] +QSIMSTAT: 1,2

[2022-10-17 17:21:52:953_R:] OK
[2022-10-17 17:22:02:874_S:] ati
[2022-10-17 17:22:02:887_R:] ati
[2022-10-17 17:22:02:887_R:] Quectel
[2022-10-17 17:22:02:887_R:] BG95-M3
[2022-10-17 17:22:02:887_R:] Revision: BG95M3LAR02A03

[2022-10-17 17:22:02:887_R:] OK

[2022-10-17 17:22:02:887_R:] OK
[2022-10-17 17:25:15:264_S:] AT+GSN
[2022-10-17 17:25:15:281_R:] AT+GSN
[2022-10-17 17:25:15:281_R:] 864475041499616

[2022-10-17 17:25:15:281_R:] OK
[2022-10-17 17:25:23:518_S:] AT+CIMI
[2022-10-17 17:25:23:523_R:] AT+CIMI
[2022-10-17 17:25:23:523_R:] ERROR