BG95-M3 CIOT on QuecOpen Latest SDK


I have a working BG96 project based on quecopen-3.4.1 and they say it uses CIoT and DAM.
Now I need to port them to BG95-M3 based on latest available quecopen sdk and also CIoT.

Can somebody help me with following question to help me kick start the activity

  1. Does CIoT come as part of BG95-M3 QuecOpen SDK?
  2. How do I get CIoT working on the QuecOpen.
  3. I have CoAP implemented on QuecOpen-3.4.1 for BG96, can i directly move them to the BG95 based latest QuecOpen to get it working straightaway ?
  4. What project which is working on BG96 can be straightway flashed on BG95-M3 to get it working?
  5. I read from spec they say BG96 and BG95-M3 are compatible. Does it mean what is running on BG96 will run on BG95-M3 with no changes?
  6. What challenges I may face to port from BG96(QuecOpen 3.4.1, CIoT, CoAP, DAM) to BG95-M3?

Please help me with the above clarifications.


1/2 pls kindly download the blew doc , it include all the introduce of BG95 quec-open soluiton( how to run and the introduction of API )
3/4/5/6 . No , BG96 and bg95 are only theoretically pin 2 pin compatiable.
for the detail kindly open the below doc;